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Growing pains

Abstract: Proceedings of the Conference on the Secondary Market for Community Development Loans. <p> Much has been said about the challenges of selling pools of loans into the capital markets via securitization or other techniques. In our experience, the actual sale is often the least difficult part of the process. The reason is that organizations can draw on the skills of a range of experts who can help with that part of the process. Attorneys are available who can guide organizations through the complexities of securities law; financial consultants offer advice regarding the proper accounting under generally accepted accounting principles and evaluate structuring alternatives; and investment bankers stand ready to market the securities. The belief at our firm is that the process leading up to the sale is often more challenging than the sale itself. What follows is an overview of the skills, resources, and risk management techniques needed to sell pools of loans.

Keywords: Secondary markets; Community development; Loans;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Part of Series: Community Development Investment Review

Publication Date: 2006

Issue: 2

Pages: 31-35