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Assessing a set of indicators for creative placemaking: reflections from the field

Abstract: Identifying indicators that measure the impact of creative placemaking is difficult because creative placemaking efforts often have multiple and varying goals, such as increasing employment, reducing crime, and attracting or retaining residents. Community context also affects the appropriateness of particular indicators. For example, crime rates may not be considered particularly useful as indicators for communities that generally have little crime. Thus, multiple indicators are needed. In addition, considerable debate exists among arts researchers and practitioners about which indicators are best aligned with and able to measure benefits of creative placemaking efforts. Despite these challenges, managers and funders of creative placemaking initiatives are interested in identifying and using indicators to help determine whether outcomes of interest are moving in the desired direction.

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Part of Series: Community Development Investment Review

Publication Date: 2014

Issue: 02

Pages: 049-055