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Testing Our Hypotheses on Equitable Development: Midcourse Learning and Adapting Through SPARCC

Abstract: The Strong, Prosperous, And Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC) supports collaborative leadership to advance changes in policy, practice, and investment that promote equitable regional development. SPARCC does this by investing in six regions across the country: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Within each site, leaders from across sectors come together at the same metaphorical table to align their vision and implement strategies for effecting regional change. SPARCC provides each site with combined grant and technical assistance funds over three years, access to an estimated pool of $70 million in financing capital, and a forum for peer learning and sharing new models at the national level. {{p}} This report summarizes reflections from interviews conducted with 15 individuals representing the six SPARCC regions. It describes the sites? experiences in testing four key hypotheses that drove the development of SPARCC and how these insights have shaped the evolution of SPARCC over the first half of the three-year initiative.

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Part of Series: Community Development Research Brief

Publication Date: 2019

Issue: 01

Pages: 01-19