The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Global Economy: A Historical Perspective

Abstract: he Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas sponsored the Bank?s centennial conference analyzing the evolution of the U.S. central bank, from its beginnings 100 years ago to its future influencing global monetary policy. The gathering, held Sept. 18?19 at the Dallas Fed, included the inaugural Robert V. Roosa Memorial Lecture, a conversation with former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A. Volcker. The conference was organized by Dallas Fed Vice President and Globalization Institute Director Mark A. Wynne and institute senior fellow Michael D. Bordo, a professor of economics at Rutgers University. The conference program was divided into three sessions: ?Beginnings: The Gold Standard, Global Conflict and the Great Depression,? ?Coming of Age: From Bretton Woods to the Great Inflation to the Great Moderation? and ?Globalization 2.0: Monetary Policy in a Global Context: Past, Present and Future.?

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Part of Series: Annual Report, Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute

Publication Date: 2014

Pages: 36-43