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The Texas industrial production index

Abstract: The Texas Industrial Production Index (TIPI) measures the output of the manufacturing, mining, and utility sectors of the Texas economy. These sectors are of special interest because of their sensitivity to business cycles and because of the size (albeit declining) of the Texas mining sector. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has published TIPI since 1958. Revisions are implemented when new data sources are available, when existing data are revised, or when methodological improvements are devised. The most recent major TIPI revision came in the fall of 1988. ; Berger and Long examine TIPI's performance during the volatile 1980s and relate this performance to the broader economic environment in which it took place. They find that the Texas industrial sector has grown more slowly than that of the nation since 1982 and that TIPI clearly depicts the oil-price induced 1986-87 Texas recession. They also find that Texas industrial production was buoyed by the manufacturing sector and hindered by mining, although the effects of two periods of drastic oil price declines spilled over to the manufacturinig sector as well.

Keywords: Federal Reserve District, 11th; Texas; Industrial production index - Texas;


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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Part of Series: Economic and Financial Policy Review

Publication Date: 1989

Issue: Nov

Pages: 21-38