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2003 Environmental Assessment Survey

Abstract: The Community Affairs Office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland conducted an environmental assessment survey in early 2003 to better understand current trends affecting access to capital and credit in low- and moderate-income communities. Topics of interest included trends affecting financial institutions' ability to serve the credit needs of individuals and businesses; community reinvestment needs; local or regional economic conditions that are affecting community reinvestment and economic development; opportunities and threats at the grassroots level that are influencing access to credit and capital in low- and moderate-income communities; and trends in local, state, and federal government that are affecting community economic development. Respondents indicated their most vital concerns are the development of affordable housing, new employment opportunities and job creation, financial education efforts and remedies to predatory lending, industrial and commercial (re)development, and financing incentives for community economic development.

Keywords: Federal Reserve District, 4th; Community development;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Part of Series: Community Reinvestment Report

Publication Date: 2003

Issue: Aug