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The future of skilled labor: New England’s supply of recent college graduates

Abstract: One of New England?s greatest assets is its skilled labor force which has historically been an engine of economic growth in the region. Yet the population of recent college graduates?the skilled labor force of the future?has been growing more slowly in New England than in the rest of the United States. Thus, the need to attract and retain recent college graduates has become a salient issue in every New England state. Policymakers and business leaders alike are concerned that an inadequate supply of skilled workers will hamper economic growth by creating barriers for companies looking to locate or expand in New England. Yet few steps have been taken to tackle this challenge because of lack of information on the extent of the problem, its root causes, and how best to address it.

Keywords: College graduates - New England;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Part of Series: New England Economic Indicators

Publication Date: 2008

Issue: Dec

Pages: 2-7