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The economic performance of the New England states in 2001: an overview

Abstract: The year 2001 marked the end of a ten-year economic expansion for the nation and New England. Both the recession that began in the first quarter of 2001 and the terrorist attacks of September 11 weakened the region's labor market, which had built strength in the 1990s and through 2000. Employment in nearly all of the region's states and major industries declined in 2001, while unemployment became more widespread. Furthermore, the value of exports dropped across most major industries and destinations. The region's residential real estate market remained robust, however, as prices increased faster than in the nation overall. In addition, the region continued to face a higher rate of consumer price inflation than the nation.

Keywords: Economic conditions - Maine; Economic conditions - Rhode Island; Economic conditions - New England; Economic conditions - New Hampshire; Economic conditions - Vermont; Economic conditions - Connecticut; Economic conditions - Massachusetts;

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Provider: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Part of Series: New England Economic Indicators

Publication Date: 2002

Issue: Jun

Pages: i-xii