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The determinants of consumers’ adoption of Internet banking

Abstract: Bills have traditionally been paid by writing checks and sending them with statements by U.S. mail. Increasingly, bills are being paid by automated clearinghouse debits. More recently, the Internet has created new bill payment methods such as online banking and online credit card payments. These new options offer consumers convenience, speed, and the ability to better control payment timing. How do consumers decide whether or not to adopt different forms of bill payment? Are the same consumers using different methods depending on the type of bill or the amount? Will check ever disappear as a bill payment method? Tansel Yilmazer will begin this session with a summary of ?The Determinants of Consumers? Adoption of Internet Banking.\\"

Keywords: Internet banking; Payment systems;

Status: Published in Consumer behavior and payment choice: how and why do consumers choose their payment methods? (2005: October 27-28)

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Publication Date: 2005