Does Job Quality Affect Occupational Mobility?

Abstract: Job quality, a well-known topic in workforce development circles, is an underutilized but useful lens with which to examine labor market conditions. Given the record number of resignations and available job openings, especially in the lower-paid industry sectors, along with popular labor market narratives around the Great R’s (Resignation, Renegotiation, Reshuffle), I wonder to what extent job quality plays a role in the occupational mobility of workers. Occupational mobility includes all potential outcomes an individual has when holding a job. In addition to the option of changing to another occupation, an individual can remain in that occupation, become unemployed, or leave the labor force. Occupational mobility metrics are an appealing way to explore labor market conditions because they provide a dynamic perspective, while traditional metrics such as unemployment and labor force participation rates tend to be static observations.

Keywords: employment;

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Publication Date: 2022-08-04