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Plosser defines key issues in financial reform : remarks to the Joint Economic Committee Staff Meeting, U.S. Congress, May 5, 2010.

In remarks at a meeting of the Joint Economic Committee, President Charles I. Plosser discussed the importance of implementing regulatory changes that would help to avert financial crises in the future.
Speech , Paper 38

A perspective on the economy and monetary policy

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce<p> President Charles Plosser gives his views on economic growth, inflation, and employment. He also discusses several core principles of sound central banking that have guided his thinking and approach to monetary policy.
Speech , Paper 109

An appreciation of the Fed's 12 banks

Union League of Philadelphia <p>President Charles Plosser highlights the history of the Federal Reserve and why he believes our central bank?s unique structure has withstood the test of time. He also discusses the importance of having an independent central bank that can make monetary policy decisions without fear of direct political interference.
Speech , Paper 110

Plosser outlines critical elements of financial reform : a letter to United States Senators in the Philadelphia Fed District, April 20, 2010

In a letter to senators in the Philadelphia Fed District, President Charles I. Plosser stressed that financial reform should avoid changes that would impede the Fed's ability to meet its congressionally mandated objectives.
Speech , Paper 37

On Balance: All Things Considered on the Road to Normal

Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker discussed the U.S. and global economies and the Fed?s monetary policy outlook at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum in London. Regarding unwinding the balance sheet, Harker said a ?slow and steady approach? that leads to a gradual decrease in average reserves is ?not only the safer option, it has the additional advantage of reducing uncertainty. ??
Speech , Paper 160

The Certainty of Uncertainty

In a speech today to the Wharton Private Equity and Venture Capital Alumni Association, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker observed that the U.S. economy has largely tracked the spread of the virus. Harker expects moderate economic growth for the rest of this year and the first half of 2021. With the introduction of a widely available and effective vaccine for COVID-19, he predicts robust growth through the second half of 2021 and 2022.

The Outlook for 2021 Nationally and Locally

In a virtual keynote at the Philadelphia Business Journal Economic Forecast this morning, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said he’s “optimistic that in the second half of 2021, the economy ― and frankly, life ― should begin to look much more normal.” Harker also challenged himself and the audience to “think hard about ways to make sure the coming recovery is not only strong, but equitable.”

Credentials, Colleges, and Economic Mobility Uneven Outcomes in the Labor Market: Understanding Trends and Identifying Solutions

Patrick T. Harker, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, told a virtual audience that the lack of economic mobility throughout American society is a “profound moral problem” and argued that now is the time to “to experiment with new models and new pathways to success.” He spoke at the Uneven Outcomes in the Labor Market: Understanding Trends and Identifying Solutions conference.

Apprenticeships: Nobility and Necessity

Apprenticeships date back to ancient times, but they remain relevant in today?s economy, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker told the audience at the Bank?s Apprenticeship Conference on July 11. Apprenticeships help workers acquire the skills now in demand, he said
Speech , Paper 140

Investing in America’s Workforce

Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker spoke at the Fed?s Investing in America?s Workforce conference in Austin, TX. His presentation covered the findings of a new Fed report on workforce development.
Speech , Paper 142




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