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U.S. Regulations and Approaches to Cryptocurrencies

Remarks at the BIS Central Bank Legal Experts’ Meeting, Basel, Switzerland

Discussion Paper
How Has the Business of International Banking Changed?

In this post, I focus on the broad historical progression of international banking activity. This broad progression serves as a backdrop for a range of other discussions and posts on global banking, on issues such as foreign banking organizations’ use of liquidity facilities in the United States and the role of banks in international risk-sharing and international transmission of shocks. It also helps explain the policy regimes in place through recent financial crises and even some of the data gaps that regulators and researchers have encountered.
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20120206

Journal Article
The Many Lives of Federal Job Training

Federal job training programs have long enjoyed bipartisan support. Yet their emphasis has varied greatly across the years. At times, they have been advocated primarily as a means of helping workers displaced by automation or international trade. At other times, the focus has been on creating opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. More recently, they have gained attention as a possible remedy for a perceived "skills mismatch" that many observers see reflected in record high job vacancy rates.
Econ Focus , Issue 1Q , Pages 8-11

Journal Article
Is Dollar Dominance in Doubt?

The dollar has been the global currency of choice for nearly a century, but in light of recent U.S.-led financial sanctions, some wonder whether that status will endure.
Econ Focus , Issue 2Q , Pages 20-23

Journal Article
Connecting a Region Apart

The Appalachian Regional Commission, created in the 1960s, became a model for regional economic development programs.
Econ Focus , Issue 2Q , Pages 16-19