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Keywords:Service industries 

Journal Article
Atlanta Fed Chairman sees no permanent recession-induced changes in services

Financial Update , Issue Jan , Pages 5-6

Journal Article
Professional services firms anticipate higher profits, tighter labor supply

Survey of professional service industries in the Ninth District.
Fedgazette , Volume 18 , Issue Jul , Pages 16

Digits and widgets (with reference to a wise mother, the Golden Book Encyclopedia, Winston Churchill and Hunter Lawrence)

"In the world of "superfine processes" of the Knowledge Age, digits are the new widgets. The brain is to the Knowledge Age and the mastery of digits what the engine was to the Manufacturing Age and the management of widgets. Education is the steam and the oil and the gas that propel that engine. The speed at which we move our economy forward from this point onward will depend on how well we educate our children." ; Remarks before the Austin Chamber of Commerce's 4th Annual State of Education in Austin Conference; Austin, Texas; December 8, 2009.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 2

Journal Article
Manufacturing bias in regional policy

FRBSF Economic Letter

Economic challenges

"While it seems pretty clear that economic momentum is slowing, the jury is out on whether lesser momentum will be sufficient to translate into relief on the price front over the intermediate to longer term. In East Texas parlance, 'It might could but it mightn't'; it most definitely has not thus far." ; Remarks before the Greater Houston Partnership, Houston, Texas, September 4, 2008.
Speeches and Essays , Paper 23

Journal Article
Tracking inflation in the service sector

In the last forty years, inflation in the service sector has consistently exceeded inflation in the rest of the economy. This article investigates whether the observed difference in inflation rates reflects upward bias in the measurement of service prices.
Quarterly Review , Volume 16 , Issue Sum , Pages 30-35

Journal Article
The effect of the growing service sector on wages in Texas

In Texas during the 1980s, service-sector employment rose, goods-sector employment declined, and the average real wage increased only slightly. Because service-sector jobs pay lower average wages than goods-sector jobs, analysts have suggested that the growing proportion of jobs in the service sector was an important factor suppressing overall wage gains in the state. ; Keith R. Phillips finds that the increasing share of service-sector jobs only slightly dampened wage growth in Texas during the 1980s. Slow wage growth primarily resulted from weak wage expansion in both the goods and service ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Nov , Pages 15-28

Journal Article
The emerging service economy

A description and examination of the expanding service economy, with the contention that its growth reflects a natural and inevitable response to rising wealth.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jun

Trends in producer services growth in the rural heartland


Chicago's economic transformation from 1970 to 2000

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Aug



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