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Keywords:Saving and investment 

Journal Article
Dividing up the investment pie: have we overinvested in housing?

Business Review , Issue Mar , Pages 13-23

Journal Article
Consumption, saving and asset accumulation

Economic Review , Issue Win , Pages 37-54

Working Paper
Escaping the Samaritan's Dilemma: implications of a dynamic model of altruistic intergenerational transfers

This paper explores how altruistic parents structure transfer rules in response to potential incentive problems and how the investment behavior of children is influenced by these transfer policies. To investigate these issues, I develop a dynamic model of altruistic transfers in which transfers can be tied to the purchase of human capital investment. Numerical solutions are examined to provide insight into the predictions of the model for transfer behavior and investment by family size. The dynamic framework developed in the paper is used to guide the interpretation of data on transfers and ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2005-67

Working Paper
Saving-investment associations and capital mobility on the evidence from Japanese regional data

We will examine the size of the Feldstein and Horioka (1980) "saving-retention coefficient" in a setting of near perfect capital mobility, Japanese regions. We first find that on total regional saving and investment rate data, inclusive of regional government saving and investment, the estimate of the coefficient is negative. This negative relationship in the total rates across Japanese regions appears to arise from the strong negative association in the government saving and investment rates.
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 496

Discussion Paper
Understanding why high income households save more than low income households

This paper investigates why high income households in the United States save on average more than low income households in cross-section data. The three explanations considered are (1) age differences across households, (2) temporary earnings shocks, and (3) the structure of transfer payments. We use a calibrated life-cycle model to evaluate the quantitative importance of these explanations and find that age and the structure of transfers are quantitatively important in producing the cross-section pattern of United States savings rates. Temporary shocks are of secondary importance.
Discussion Paper / Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics , Paper 106

Working Paper
Savings rates and output variability in industrial countries

The economics literature offers competing hypotheses about the relationship between savings rates and output variability. This paper examines data for eight industrial countries to determine if there is a discernible pattern between savings rates and cyclical volatility of output. We find a striking coincidence of high gross savings rates and high output variability when real GDP gaps are estimated from a constant growth trend. But there is also strong evidence that this coincidence is an artifact. The major conclusion is that there is not a robust relationship between average gross savings ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 363

Asset market hangovers and economic growth: U.S. housing markets

This paper presents evidence that speculative bubbles can have sizeable effects on house prices, and on housing investment. We infer that deviations of asset prices from fundamental values may have serious consequences for real activity, and explore some policy implications. The analysis relies on a panel of U.S. state-level data covering 1973-1996.
Research Paper , Paper 9801

Journal Article
Does Singapore invest too much?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Do we have a saving crisis?

Theoretically, the decline in saving jeopardizes our economy because savings are lent to businesses for investment. In reality, the U.S. economy is doing better than the economies of countries where saving is much higher. Can this continue?
The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 4-9



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