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Conference Paper
Econometric modeling in the Philippines

Proceedings , Issue 1 , Pages 223-237

Periodic Essay
Microfinance in the Philippines

This Asia Focus report reviews the growth of the Philippines microfinance industry and discusses the implications of commercial banks entering this market.
Asia Focus , Issue Jan

Working Paper
Targets, instruments, and monetary policy in an open economy: a GARCH application

Pacific Basin Working Paper Series , Paper 92-04

Journal Article
Why is the Philippines repurchasing its Brady bonds?

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Financial structure, financial regulation, and financial reform in the Philippines and Thailand, 1960-1984

Proceedings , Issue Dec , Pages 161-184

Who Holds a Green Card?

Understanding the characteristics of U.S. permanent residents can provide insight into the future workforce.
On the Economy

Working Paper
Is money still useful for policy in East Asia?

Since the East Asian crises of 1997, a number of East Asian economies have allowed greater exchange rate flexibility and abandoned monetary targets in favor of inflation targeting, apparently because the perceived usefulness of money as a predictor of inflation, i.e. the information content of money, has fallen. In this paper, we discuss factors that are likely to have influenced the stability of the relationship between money and inflation, particularly in the 1990s, and then assess this relationship in a set of East Asian economies. We focus on (1) the stability of the behavior of the ...
Pacific Basin Working Paper Series , Paper 2001-12

Journal Article
Do capital controls affect the response of investment to saving? evidence from the Pacific Basin

This paper examines the effect of capital controls on the response of investment to savings in Pacific Basin countries. A robust finding is that the size of the savings coefficient tends to be smaller (larger) in countries with relatively higher (lower) capital controls. Additionally, relaxation in capital controls for the most part had no discernible impact on the savings- investment relationship in individual country time-series regressions. At least a partial resolution to these puzzles is found in the government policy response: Countries with a relatively high saving-investment ...
Economic Review

Journal Article
Export competition and contagious currency crises

FRBSF Economic Letter



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