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Journal Article
House price indexes: methodology and revisions

Accurate measurements of house prices are important for a number of reasons. Housing is usually the most important investment a household ever makes, and home equity is typically the largest component of household wealth. In addition, housing is an important source of collateral for household borrowing, and, as we have seen, its value can be subject to considerable fluctuation. Also, research has shown that having a mortgage that is larger than the value of the underlying house is associated with an elevated risk of default.
Research Rap Special Report , Issue Jun

Working Paper
Understanding house price index revisions

Residential house price indexes (HPI) are used for a large variety of macroeconomic and microeconomic research and policy purposes, as well as for automated valuation models. As is well known, these indexes are subject to substantial revisions in the months following the initial release, both because transaction data can be slow to come in, and as a consequence of the repeat sales methodology, which interpolates the effect of sales over the entire period since the house last changed hands. We study the properties of the revisions to the CoreLogic House Price Index. This index is used both by ...
Working Papers , Paper 14-38


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