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Keywords:High technology industries 

Journal Article
To market, to market: strategy in high-tech business

Regional Review , Issue Fall , Pages 12-17

Journal Article
The high-tech investment boom and economic growth in the 1990s: accounting for quality

The rapid pace of economic growth in the 1990s was associated with an increasingly prominent role for investment, particularly for information processing and communications technologies. Given the evident pace of technological advancement in these sectors, official economic statistics have been constructed to take careful account of improvements in the quality of these high-tech capital goods. In this article, Michael R. Pakko examines the possibility that this selective accounting for quality improvement has distorted the true importance of high-tech investment in recent economic growth ...
Review , Volume 84 , Issue Mar. , Pages 3-18

Journal Article
Manufacturing productivity and high-tech investment

This article examines the theoretical and statistical connections between the productivity upsurge in U.S. manufacturing in the 1980s and manufacturing investment in computers and other forms of high-tech equipment.
Quarterly Review , Volume 17 , Issue Sum , Pages 39-47

Journal Article
The ecology alchemists

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 13-18

Journal Article
Necessity and invention: trade in high-tech New England

Regional Review , Issue Win , Pages 6-12

Journal Article
Telecom in North Texas : A case study in agglomeration

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 1-4, 12

Journal Article
Focus on high-tech: what's in a name?: gauging high-tech activity

The Boston metro area fares well when assessing a regions high-tech capacity by its share of scientific and technical occupations.
Regional Review , Issue Q 4 2003 / Q1 2004 , Pages 6-9

Journal Article
The Lowell high-tech success story: what went wrong?

Ten years ago Lowell, Massachusetts was a high-tech success story. After several decades of stagnation, the Lowell area had emerged as a thriving center for high-technology employment. The Lowell story was viewed as a "model for reindustrialization" for older cities throughout the world. In recent years Lowell has once again become the focus of international attention, this time as an example of a failed economic development strategy. Widespread layoffs and plant closings within its computer industry, particularly the collapse of Wang Laboratories, have dealt a crushing blow to the local ...
New England Economic Review , Issue Mar , Pages 57-70

Journal Article
Observations: top-heavy job loss

The job downturn has fallen heavily on the highest wage industries.
Regional Review , Issue Q 2 / Q 3 , Pages 1-2

Industry productivity and high-tech investment

Research Paper , Paper 9202


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