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Financial stability and economic growth

Remarks at the 2011 Bretton Woods Committee International Council Meeting, Washington, D.C.>
Speech , Paper 62

Beyond the crisis: reflections on the challenges

Remarks at the Foreign Policy Association Corporate Dinner, New York City
Speech , Paper 8

Globalized banks: lending to emerging markets in the crisis

As banking has become more globalized, so too have the consequences of shocks originating in home and host markets. Global banks can provide liquidity and risk-sharing opportunities to the host market in the event of adverse host-country shocks, but they can also have profound effects across international markets. Indeed, global banks played a significant role in the transmission of the current crisis to emerging-market economies. Flows between global banks and emerging markets include both cross-border lending, which has long been recognized as responding significantly to shocks at home or ...
Staff Reports , Paper 377

Working Paper
Offshoring, economic insecurity, and the demand for social insurance

The fear of offshoring, particularly in services since 2000, has raised workers economic insecurity and heightened concerns over future economic globalization. Many have argued that globalization has exacerbated labor market turbulence increasing the demand for social insurance programs. The authors present a simple theoretical model establishing a connection between the threat of offshoring, economic insecurity, and the demand for social insurance. Data from the 1972-2006 General Social Survey to provides supporting empirical evidence.
Working Papers , Paper 2008-003

Conference Paper
Globalization and innovation

Proceedings , Paper 911

Monetary policy in a global environment

a speech at The Euro and the Dollar in a Globalized Economy Conference, U.C. Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, May 27, 2006
Speech , Paper 22

Globalization: threat or opportunity for the U.S. economy?

Presentation to Hawaii Society of Investment Professionals, Honolulu, HI, April 29, 2004
Speech , Paper 54

Discussion of William R. White's “Globalisation and the determinants of domestic inflation”

Presentation to the Banque de France International Symposium on Globalisation, Inflation and Monetary Policy (Paris, France, March 7, 2008)
Speech , Paper 47

Working Paper
Financial globalization and monetary policy discipline

The literature appears to have reached a consensus that financial globalization has had a "disciplining effect" on monetary policy, as it has reduced the returns from--and hence the temptation for--using monetary policy to stabilize output. As a result, monetary policy over recent years has placed more emphasis on stabilizing inflation, resulting in reduced inflation and greater output stability. However, this consensus has not been accompanied by convincing empirical evidence that such a relationship exists. One reason is likely to be that de facto measures of financial globalization are ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2008-10

Working Paper
Precautionary demand for foreign assets in sudden stop economies: an assessment of the new mercantilism

Financial globalization had a rocky start in emerging economies hit by Sudden Stops. Foreign reserves have grown very rapidly since then, as if those countries were practicing a New Mercantilism that views foreign reserves as a war-chest for defense against Sudden Stops. This paper conducts a quantitative assessment of this argument using a stochastic intertemporal equilibrium framework in which precautionary foreign asset demand is driven by output variability, financial globalization, and Sudden Stop risk. In this framework, credit constraints produce endogenous Sudden Stops. We find that ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 911



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