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Working Paper
Contingent capital: the trigger problem

Price triggers in contingent capital bonds are analyzed. Pervasiveness of multipleequilibria and nonexistence of equilibrium in theoretical models is illustrated. Evidence of these problems from market experiments is summarized. Possible solutions are evaluated.
Working Paper , Paper 11-07

Journal Article
Bankruptcy law and large complex financial organizations: a primer

Large complex financial organization (LCFOs) are exposed to multiple problems when they become insolvent. They operate in countries with different approaches to bankruptcy and, within the U.S., multiple insolvency administrators. The special financial instruments that comprise a substantial portion of LCFO assets are exempted from the usual "time out" that permits the orderly resolution of creditor claims. This situation is complicated by the opacity of LCFIs' positions, which may make them difficult to sell or unwind in times of financial crisis. This article discusses these issues and their ...
Economic Perspectives , Volume 27 , Issue Q I , Pages 48-58

Journal Article
Financial intermediation, monetary policy, and equilibrium business cycles

Economic Review , Issue Fall , Pages 19-28

Working Paper
Inside the black box: what explains differences in the efficiencies of financial institutions?

Over the past several years, substantial research effort has gone into measuring the efficiency of financial institutions. Many studies have found that inefficiencies are quite large, on the order of 20 percent or more of total banking industry costs and about half of the industry's potential profits. There is no consensus on the sources of the differences in measured efficiency. This paper examines several possible sources, including differences in efficiency concept, measurement method, and a number of bank, market, and regulatory characteristics. We review the extant literature and provide ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 1997-10

Churchill, Baruch, Lindsay Lohan, Congress and the Fed

Remarks at the Institute of International Bankers Annual Washington Conference, Washington, D.C., March 7, 2011 ; "I argued against the $600 billion extension [buying U.S. Treasuries] the voters on the FOMC approved last November. And I remain doubtful enough as to its efficacy that if at any time between now and June, it should prove demonstrably counterproductive, I will vote to curtail or perhaps discontinue it."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 87

Working Paper
Financial innovation in the United States -- background, current and prospects

The purpose of this paper is to describe recent financial innovation in the United States, outline its principal implications with regard to (1) the structure and behavior of financial markets and (2) the conduct of monetary policy, and speculate on the likely character of further innovation in the near-term future. In the United States as elsewhere, financial innovation has been a continuous but uneven process, where the rate of innovation has varied substantially from one period to the next depending on a variety of circumstances.
Working Paper , Paper 85-02

Conference Paper
Government and GSEs: relationship and regulation

Proceedings , Paper 720

Conference Paper
General discussion: regulating finance and regulators to promote growth

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Journal Article
IFF achieving scale throughout the region

IFF (formerly Illinois Facilities Fund) became a regional community development financial institution (CDFI) in 2007, extending its reach beyond Illinois to include Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin. This year, the expansion has continued into Indiana. In January 2008, IFF added a new office in St. Louis at 1221 Locust Street to augment the local service of existing offices in Chicago and Peoria. The new office helps support the mission of meeting the real estate financing needs of nonprofits across the region.
Profitwise , Issue Sep , Pages 15-18

Journal Article
The future of financial intermediation and regulation: an overview

On March 11, Stephen G. Cecchetti, Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, delivered the following remarks at the symposium A New Equilibrium in the Credit Business: The Future of Financial Systems--Regulation in the Twenty-First Century, sponsored by the Oliver Wyman Institute and the Institut fur Kreditwesen, Universitat Munster.
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 5 , Issue May



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