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Journal Article
Changes in the use of electronic means of payment: 1995-2004

In ?Changes in the Use of Electronic Means of Payment: 1995-2004,? Loretta Mester has compiled information from the recently released 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances. She updates statistics indicating how the usages of various means of electronic payment have changed between 1995 and 2004. ; Also issued as Payment Cards Center Discussion Paper No. 06-06
Business Review , Issue Q2 , Pages 26-30

Conference Paper
International comparisons: lessons learned

Proceedings , Paper 747

Journal Article
Why do consumers pay bills electronically? an empirical analysis

Why do consumers use electronic bill payment services? what do the differences between nonusers, low users, and high users imply about the potential future market these services? How might public policy evolve in the future? Analyzing a unique consumer survey conducted by the Federal Reserve's Retail Product Office, the author finds important differences between nonusers, low users, and high users of electronic bill payment. The analysis suggests that the industry will need to address fundamental customer needs before a broader portion of consumers will adopt these services.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q IV , Pages 32-48

Journal Article
Networking with E-commerce in rural America

Main Street Economist , Issue Sep

Conference Paper
Innovation in non-bank payment systems: remarks (Bank of America)

Proceedings – Payments System Research Conferences

Journal Article
The financial performance of pure play Internet banks

In theory, banks that conduct all their business over the Internet will have low overhead expenses. If these saving materialize, Internet banks could use them to fuel fast growth while still earning normal profits. This article analyzes a small sample of "pure lay" Internet banks launched during the late 1990s. Compared with young branching banks, these young Internet banks have low physical overhead and grow fast--but they earn low profits due to high labor expenses, low noninterest income, and low core deposits.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q I , Pages 60-78

Journal Article
Bank web sites address privacy concerns-customers and their own

Fedgazette , Volume 14 , Issue Sep , Pages 19

Conference Paper
Secure electronic transactions

Proceedings , Paper 589

Conference Paper
Role of technology in today's financial industry

Proceedings , Paper 668

Journal Article
Online banking comes of age

TEN , Issue Win , Pages 22-25



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