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Journal Article
An Analysis of African American Interstate Migration to Iowa

There are many motivations for family moves to other states. New jobs, lower crime rates and better schools are a few. A common rumor in Iowa is that many low-income blacks are relocating to the state from communities in Illinois, Wisconsin and elsewhere to take advantage of the state's generous welfare benefits. This article attempts to explore that assumption by clarifying who is moving to Iowa and why. The conclusion, based on census data and a brief review of the literature, is that although perception belies reality, the reality is more nuanced than one might expect.
Profitwise , Issue 4 , Pages 33-37

Journal Article
Making a difference in Chicago neighborhoods

Started almost 30 years ago by housing advocates to improve declining Chicago neighborhoods. Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) has into one of the most succesful and respected organizations of its kind in the U.S. A key to its sucess has been the ability to enlist the support of both neighborhood residents and to corporate, lending, and regulatory and political leaders in efforts to revitalize city neighborhoods. These relationships have allowed it to craft innovative homeownership opportunities for working families while responsibly leveraging public and private sector ...
Profitwise , Issue Wint

Journal Article
Neighborhood housing services of Chicago

Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) held its Annual Community Banks Meeting on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The meeting brought together over 50 representatives from the NHS Community Banks Partnership to discuss a timely topic - "The Future of Residential Real Estate."
Profitwise , Issue Aug , Pages 18-21

Journal Article
Detroit Tackles the Issue of Blight

Detroit?s population has been in decline for decades and this trend is expected to continue. The Southeast Michigan Council of Government?s (SEMCOG) forecasts for the city predict that the population will fall from the 2010 Census figure of 714,000 to 610,000 by 2030?far from the city?s peak population of over 1.8 million in the early 1950s.
Profitwise , Issue 1 , Pages 5-9

Journal Article
The Low- and Moderate-income Conditions Survey: A Summary of Seventh Fed District Community Development Practitioner Responses

For the first time, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago participated in administering the Kansas City Fed?s low- and moderate-income survey to respondents in the Seventh District. The survey is administered on line twice a year to measure ?economic conditions of low- and moderate-income (LMI) populations and the organizations that serve them.?1 A key motivation for the survey is that compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) entails banking institutions subject to CRA to provide credit, investment, and services, consistent with safe and sound banking practices, to LMI populations ...
Profitwise , Issue 1 , Pages 4-9

Journal Article
Nonprime loans: a view from the local level

This article presents information on the location of subprime and Alt-A mortgages ("nonprime" loans) in the five states within the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago?s district (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin). The purpose is to identify the zip codes and communities most affected, or at risk of being affected, by foreclosures. We present a series of maps that show the zip codes with the highest numbers and highest concentrations of subprime and Alt-A loans, as well as the past-due and foreclosure rates in these neighborhoods. For illustration purposes in the print version ...
Profitwise , Issue Jun , Pages 1-11

Journal Article
Strategies for Maximizing the Potential of Great Lakes Ports for Regional Growth

Great Lakes maritime ports are catalysts for local and regional economic growth and ?laboratories? for research and innovation to sustain the ecological health of the lakes. Typically located at the mouths of tributaries, their locations have historically been strategically important as key links in transportation networks. In recent years, the growing awareness of the importance and fragility of river-mouth ecosystems has required more careful and intentional planning around port development and related policy to minimize environmental impact.
Profitwise , Issue Summer , Pages 18-23

Journal Article
Financial institutions participation in individual development account programs

Profitwise , Issue Spr , Pages 12-17

Journal Article
The asset-backed securities markets, the crisis, and TALF

Credit performs the essential function of moving funds from the savers who want to lend to the investors and consumers who wish to borrow. Under ideal conditions, this process ensures that funds are invested by the most skilled and productive individuals, thus improving efficiency and stimulating growth, and that consumers can get funds when they need them the most to satisfy their consumption needs.
Profitwise , Issue Apr , Pages 8-18

Journal Article
New pathways to scale for community development finance

The Economic Opportunities Program (EOP) of the Aspen Institute advances strategies (primarily in the areas of workforce development, microenterprise, community-based forestry, and access to capital and credit) that connect the poor and underemployed to the mainstream economy. The EOP facilitates participatory learning among practitioners using applied research to stimulate dialogue and action among funders, policymakers, nonprofit, and community leaders. This paper is one in a series focusing on issues of scale and sustainability in the not-for-profit and community development field. For ...
Profitwise , Issue Dec , Pages 2-24




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