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Author:McMillen, Daniel P. 

Journal Article
The geographic evolution of the U.S. auto industry (pt. 1)

The authors examine changes in the footprint of the auto industry in the United States, starting in 1980 and tracking them through 2003. Their formal analysis of assembly and supplier plant locations traces the reorientation of the auto region from one that extends east?west to one that stretches north?south over this period. To accommodate the large size of the file and the number of illustrations, the article has been divided into two smaller files.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 30 , Issue Q II , Pages 2-6

Working Paper
Clustering of auto supplier plants in the U.S.: GMM spatial logit for large samples

A linearized version of Pinkse and Slade?s (1998) spatial probit estimator is used to account for the tendency of auto supplier plants to cluster together. By reducing estimation to two steps ? standard probit or logit followed by two-stage least squares ? linearization produces a model that can be estimated using large datasets. Our results imply significant clustering among older plants. Supplier plants are more likely to be in counties that are near assembly plants, that include interstate highways, and that are near other counties with supplier plants. New plants show no additional ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-05-18

Journal Article
Employment subcenters in Chicago: past, present, and future

The number of subcenters in the Chicago metropolitan area rose from 13 in 1980 to 32 in 2000. Whereas manufacturing jobs dominated subcenters in the past, the industry mix now closely resembles that of the overall metropolitan area.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 27 , Issue Q II

Working Paper
Comparing location decisions of domestic and foreign auto supplier plants

Plant locations in the U.S. auto industry have been moving southward for some time now. This paper utilizes a comprehensive dataset of the U.S. auto industry and focuses on plant location decisions of auto supplier plants that were opened less than 15 years ago in the U.S. We find that agglomeration continues to matter: suppliers want to be close to each other as well as to their assembly plant customers. We also find evidence of differences in location factors for domestic and foreign suppliers. Foreign suppliers exhibit a stronger preference to be near highways, other foreign suppliers and ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-04-27

Journal Article
Polycentric urban structure: the case of Milwaukee

The author finds that Milwaukee has one employment subcenter, located at the western edge of the city. The subcenter has significant but highly localized effects on both employment and population densities in the Milwaukee area.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 25 , Issue Q II , Pages 15-27

Working Paper
Commercial lending distance and historically underserved areas

We study recent changes in the geographic distances between small businesses and their bank lenders, using a large random sample of loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Consistent with extant research, we find that small borrower-lender distances generally increased between 1984 and 2001, with a rapid acceleration in distance beginning in the late-1990s. We also document a new phenomenon: a fundamental reordering of borrower-lender distance by the borrowers' neighborhood income and race characteristics. Historically, borrower-lender distance tended to be shorter than average ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2007-11

Working Paper
Agglomeration in the European Automobile Supplier Industry

Motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts production plants tend to exhibit a strong degree of agglomeration. This paper estimates a spatial model utilizing detailed plant-level data that is pooled across seven countries in Europe. The paper makes several contributions. First, we assemble a set of nearly 1,800 European plant locations of the largest motor vehicle parts suppliers, as well as the location of all light vehicle assembly plants operational in 2010. Second, we obtain detailed spatial data ? at a higher resolution than what is provided by the NUTS-3 regions ? for five European countries ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2013-15

Working Paper
Evolving agglomeration in the U.S. auto supplier industry

Using nonparametric descriptive tools developed by Duranton and Overman (2005), we show that both new and old auto supplier plants are highly concentrated in the eastern United States. Conditional logit models imply that much of this concentration can be explained parametrically by distance from Detroit, proximity to assembly plants, and access to the interstate highway system. New plants are more likely to be located in zip codes that are close to existing supplier plants. However, the degree of clustering observed is still greater than implied by the logit estimates.
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-06-20

Journal Article
The center restored: Chicago's residential price gradient reemerges

After a long period during which house prices were not affected by distance from Chicago's central business district, values now decline by more than 8 percent per mile. Annual appreciation rates in house prices are higher in neighborhoods close to the city center with large minority populations, high concentrations of poverty, and many vacant homes in 1990.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 26 , Issue Q II , Pages 2-11

Journal Article
House prices and the proposed expansion of Chicago's O'Hare Airport

Quieter aircraft are causing the 65-db noise contour band around O'Hare Airport to shrink over time, even in the event that air traffic increases by nearly 60 percent after the proposed expansion of the airport. Forecasts imply that home prices will increase by nearly $280 million (in 1997 dollars) between 1997 and the time after the expansion of the airport as the number of homes subject to severe noise falls.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 28 , Issue Q III


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